13 Best Pond Vacuum Cleaners

All pond and pool owners have heard of the term Pond Vacuum Cleaner at some point.

In fact, the name itself is quite self-explanatory:

It is a vacuum cleaner you can use to clean out a pond.

Of course, if you have never purchased one before, you need a proper guide to help you buy one.

That is where we step in.

This article is a complete guide on what to look for when buying a pond vacuum cleaner.

It also includes detailed reviews on thirteen of the best pond vacuum cleaners available in the market today.

13 Best Pond Vacuum Cleaner

ProductWeightMotor Power 
PoolSupplyTown Pond Vacuum --
OASE PondoVac Classic Pond Vacuum Cleaner 23.5 pounds1200-1400 watt
Blagdon Pond Monsta Vacuum 27.5 pounds6000 lph
Matala Power-Cyclone Dual-Pump System Pond Vacuum Cleaner 45 pounds1200-1500 gph
Odyssey Muck-Vac Pond Vacuum 4.65 poundsManual

How Useful Is a Pond Vacuum Cleaner?

Pond Vacuum Cleaners are almost essential these days for people who own ponds, fish tanks, and pools.

Collecting debris in the water by traditional means is a tedious task.

Sometimes you may also end up having to change the water of the tank before time.

Sometimes that is easier than clearing out the debris.

A pond vacuum cleaner makes these tasks very efficiently.

It functions almost exactly like the vacuum cleaner you have for your home

The Main Function of a Pond Vacuum?

It sucks in the debris, be it algae, fish waste, or any other dirt particles that have found their way into the water and filters it out of the water.

You may even accidentally drop something dirty in the fish tank, which can be an absolute pain to fetch out.

For example:

Many people end up dumping entire canisters of fish food in their tanks.

Not only could that make your fish sick, but it is also an absolute pain to clean it out as well.

Cleaning a fish tank is relatively easy but have ever tried manually cleaning an entire koi pond?

Wouldn’t it be great to have an efficient solution for that?

And there is a different kind of vacuum for every size of pond or pool you have.

Keep in mind:

Pond Vacuum is different from a regular vacuum because it has a drainage system.

These features end up making the job easier.

We will walk you through thirteen of the best ones so you may even decide which one suits you the most.

Cleaning your domestic bodies of water has never been easier!

The Best Pond Vacuum Cleaners

1. Pool Supply Town Pond Vacuum



 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Pool Supply Town
  • Attachments: Brush, Bag, 4 foot long pole

When we unboxed this pond vacuum cleaner our immediate thoughts were that it seemed quite flimsy.

So on the first visual impression, we weren’t sure of how well it would work.

Even so, it was effortless to assemble, we didn’t require a lot of instructions to put it together.

When we switched it on to work on our pond, we realized that it had a relatively small head.

Which is why it was a little challenging to suck in a lot of muck at one time.

We noticed, however, that because of its capacity it took a while but got the job done.

In the end, we were left with a clean pond.

It took in fine sand, small rocks, and even leaves.

The suction on this pond vacuum cleaner is excellent.

Now, here’s the thing:

We would suggest that you limit its use mainly to small ponds, small fish tanks, and kiddie pools.

This is purely because a large body of water will take a very long time to clear up with this vacuum cleaner.

However, it is a very affordable buy and offers excellent value for the money you pay since its durable, despite its flimsy appearance.


  • The vacuum cleaner has great suction power
  • It is very affordable
  • It efficiently cleans all kinds of debris


  • It feels quite cheap and flimsy
  • The head of the hose may be too small for larger areas

2. OASE PondoVac Classic Pond Vacuum Cleaner

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Geo Global Partners
  • Weight: 23.5 pounds
  • Comes with: 13 ft suction hose, debris collection bag, multiple nozzles
  • Single chamber suction
  • 1200 watt motor

This pond vac as well felt a little flimsy and cheap when we first took it out.

It clearly seemed that it would not be great for long term heavy duty use.

We did still try it, though.


 To our surprise, this pond vac efficiently took up a lot of different types of muck and debris.

We are talking about algae, small rocks, leaves, sand, and even fish excretion.

So in that regard, it worked far better than we ever expected it to!

However, we noticed that the chambers started discharging automatically after fifteen to twenty seconds only.

So the collection bag fills up very fast.

And if you do not clear it out immediately, it begins to leak muck and waste back into the water.

A little word of advice:

We recommend that you keep a trashcan or other container nearby.

This way, you can discharge the bag without too much effort.

Another problem that we noticed was that the hose it comes with is not long enough for deeper pools.

The attachments it comes with are pretty useful, however.

They are great for scrubbing out algae and getting into the nooks and crannies of your pool.

But we clearly see that this pond vac isn’t exactly the best for large ponds and tanks.

You can make it work, but it will take a long time, and you will have to be regular with cleaning.

Regular cleaning ensures that the muck does not build up too much.

For small tanks and pools though, it can work like a charm.

In spite of all of that, this pond vacuum cleaner is on the pricey side and does not offer great value for money.


  • Clears out all kinds of debris
  • Automatic discharging
  • Useful attachments


  • Bags don’t have much capacity
  • Start leaking once collection bag is filled
  • Slightly overpriced

3. Blagdon Pond Monsta Vacuum

 Key Facts
  • Brand: Blagdon
  • Weight: 27.9 pounds
  • Remote control with on/off switch
  • Holds up to 32 mm of solids

After we opened and assembled this pond vacuum cleaner, we concluded that the aluminum handle on it is not the best quality.

Still, we tried it in our pond, and the aluminum handle just got in the way.

So we concluded that this vacuum cleaner is best used as a handheld device.

Then, we finally got to cleaning the pond.

It has potent suction, and therefore it takes in most kinds of debris and muck, including algae.

However, heavy loads of muck stopped the motor multiple times.

Naturally, the pond vac needed a thorough cleaning after that.

However, this did lead us to believe that that this pond vac is probably not very durable.

That is why this pond vacuum cleaner is not great for heavy loads, especially in large pools.

You can easily make it work for small tanks and ponds though.

Inappropriately sized bodies of water, this pond vacuum cleaner performed quite well and pleased us with the results.

Here’s a tip to make it work well:

Since this pond vac does not handle muck very well, we suggest that you don’t bring it near ponds.

This goes for all bodies of water that have plants in them.

It will work best for concrete pools and glass tanks.

We did notice that for the job it does the pond vacuum cleaner is quite bulky and is not as easy to store or portable as it should be.

It is, however, slightly expensive and not the best value for money.


  • Powerful motor
  • Excellent for fish tanks and small pools


  • It is quite bulky
  • It is slightly expensive
  • Muck like algae can stop motor
  • Not great for large ponds and pools

 4. Matala Power-Cyclone Dual-Pump System Pond Vacuum Cleaner


 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Matala
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Contains two motors
  • 25 ft of suction hose
  • 30 ft exhaust hose
  • Instruction Manual Available online

Opening and assembling this pond vacuum cleaner was quite easy.

There was nothing very noteworthy we found in this situation.

We figured what the deal with this pond vacuum cleaner was when we started using it.

It has excellent suction, and it takes in all kinds of muck, including leaves, algae, and sand into it.

The motor in this pond vacuum cleaner is powerful and seems as if it will last a while.

We noticed that the diameter of the hose’s opening was quite small. This was a good thing and a bad thing.

It was good because the small hose could easily get into tight spots and clean them up efficiently without a problem.

At the same time, the small hose diameter got clogged very easily when it took in large amounts of muck and debris at once.

Now, some attachments come with this, but they were not very useful at all.

We were hoping that the brush attachment would work in cleaning off the muck from rocks.

But when we tried it, all the algae got stuck in the brush, and we were not pleased with that.

So the attachments were alright, at best.


We do recommend that you clean your pond regularly if you have this pond vacuum cleaner.

Do not wait for the muck to accumulate so that it doesn’t have to go through a large load at once.

This pond vacuum cleaner needs to cool down for a bit when it’s working.

The motors automatically stops after five to seven minutes, or faster if it is overheated.

This is actually a good thing since it means that you won’t have to worry about the motors overheating.

Because of this feature, we believe that this pond vacuum cleaner is quite durable.

We would also like to state that this pond vacuum cleaner will work very well for small and large ponds, pools, and tanks.

Even so, storage is a bit of a problem with this pond vacuum cleaner since it is quite bulky.

This pond vacuum cleaner is also a bit on the pricey side, but it does offer excellent value for money.


  • It has powerful suction
  • It gets into tight spots
  • Effectively filters out most debris


  • It is bulky
  • Hose can easily get blocked with large debris

5. Odyssey Muck-Vac Pond Vacuum

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Odyssey Systems
  • Weight: 4.65 pounds
  • Uses Hydro-Power
  • Built for light muck and small tanks, ponds, and pools

This pond vacuum cleaner came with good, clear-cut instructions so we had no problems in assembling it.

We did notice that it was very lightweight, which works in its favor.

It has excellent suction, and we can say that easily since it took up most kinds of muck reasonably easily.

However, if you try to clean large debris like pebbles, branches, or big leaves with it, you will notice that it clogs easily as well.

To prevent it from clogging this way it will be in your favor to take out the large debris from the water on your own.

You can easily do that by using a fish net.

It will not take long, and it will help the vacuum cleaner to work smoothly as well.

It works at its best for small ponds, fish tanks, kiddie pools, and even fountains.

It does not do much for larger bodies of water.


This is something that the manufacturer has mentioned.

We don’t really hold it against this vacuum cleaner.

It is quite an affordable pond vacuum cleaner and offers excellent value for money.


  • It is lightweight
  • Comes with Instructions
  • It is quire affordable


  • Slightly flimsy
  • Can get clogged up by pebbles, branches, and other large debris.

6. Matala Pond Vacuum II Muck Vac

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Matala
  • Comes with three nozzle attachments and an extension pole

This pond vacuum cleaner comes with an instruction booklet.

However, the instruction booklet was a bit of a let-down since it had very complicated instructions.

We did eventually assemble the vacuum cleaner though.

After we assembled the vacuum cleaner, we noticed that it seemed to be very high quality.

Naturally, that made it very sturdy as well, so we believe it is going to last us a long time.

This vacuum cleaner had potent suction. We noticed that when we began working on our pond with it.

It takes in all kinds of big and small debris and muck like algae, sand, pebbles, leaves, and twigs.

However, the big debris can clog the hose, which can then be quite a hassle to remove.


It is in your best interest to remove the large debris from the pond or pool with a fishnet first.

This will ensure that the hose does not clog and the debris collection bag does not fill up as fast.

We can safely say that this pond vacuum cleaner can work really well for large and medium pools.

After the tank inside this pond vacuum cleaner fills up to a certain level, it automatically shuts off.

It does this to discharge and prevent overheating.

The hose that comes with this pond vacuum cleaner is also quite long.

It can easily reach the depths of the pond.

This pond vacuum cleaner is also on the expensive side.

However, because of its good quality and powerful suction, it is worth the money.


  • Good length on the hose
  • It is sturdy and good quality
  • Provides value for money


  • Can get clogged easily with large debris
  • Instruction booklet is complicated

7. In Hand Vacuum Siphon Aquarium Fish Tank Vacuum Cleaner with Thermometer

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: In Hand
  • Weight: 6 oz
  • Consists of: Fish Tank Cleaner, fishing net, and an aquarium thermometer
  • Flow and temperature control
  • Water washing function

This is a small, lightweight pond vacuum cleaner.

On first glance, it does not seem to be very sturdy or high quality.

It also works on manual power.

So you cannot expect automatic discharging or any other automatic features of the sort.

This pond vacuum cleaner works best for fish tanks.

It effectively takes up all kinds of waste.

Needless to say, it also has good suction, which helps to take in all of the debris and muck.

Here’s the thing with this one:

It is not meant for heavy duty cleaning of any sort because it clogs very easily if there is a large amount of debris.

You should regularly clean your tank with this pond vacuum cleaner if you want it to work well.

It is also not an effective pond vacuum cleaner for any large ponds or other water bodies.

The thermometer that comes with this pond vacuum cleaner is not the most accurate one.

In fact, you can easily do without it since it is quite a redundant attachment.

The vacuum cleaner is also fairly long, so it reaches into the deeper areas with relative ease.

Overall though, this pond vacuum cleaner offers very good value for money.


  • It is Lightweight
  • It is Inexpensive and Good Value for Money
  • It is long enough for deeper tanks


  • It is not the best quality
  • Thermometer is not accurate
  • Gets clogged easily

8. Destinie Mini Vacuum Cleaner with Brush Bag and 4’ Pole Jacuzzi Pool Spa Pond Jet Vac Kit

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Destinie
  • Comes with: Brush, bag, and a 4 ft pole
  • Best for pools, small ponds, and tanks

This pond vacuum cleaner, like most of the others needed to be assembled when it arrived.

It did not have any clear cut instructions for assembly.

It was still very easy and straightforward to put up, though.

This pond vacuum cleaner is also not amongst the sturdier and higher quality ones.

It seems quite flimsy, and that makes us question its durability as well.

Just like assembling, it was easy, and it was also straightforward to make use of it.

We saw that it had good suction for a manually powered pond vacuum cleaner.

Naturally, it was effectively taking up most kinds of debris.


Because it is so lightweight and manually powered, it is not a great idea to use it on a large body of water.

It will also be in your best interest to clear up the tank of large debris with a fishnet first.

This will ensure you can prevent the pond vacuum cleaner from getting clogged.

Heavy duty cleaning also clogs the cleaner and makes it difficult to continue.

Overall this pond vacuum cleaner takes a very long time to clean even medium-sized tanks.

It is, however, very inexpensive and offers good value of money as well.


  • It is Lightweight
  • It is Inexpensive
  • You can Easily Assemble it
  • Using it is also fairly simple


  • It is not very sturdy
  • Takes a long time to clean tanks
  • It gets clogged easily

 9. Polaris Spa Wand Swimming Pool/Spa Pond Vacuum Cleaner

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Polaris
  • Weight: 2.12 pounds
  • Best used for smaller bodies of water
  • No batteries, electricity, or hose required

This pond vacuum cleaner is also a lightweight, manual vacuum cleaner.

Unfortunately, this pond vacuum cleaner is also not sturdy or high-quality.

We would question its durability, but if you use it carefully enough, it can last you for quite a while.

It has decent suction.

In fact, the suction power depends on the strength of the person who is pumping the vacuum cleaner.

It is very easy to use, but because of the manual pumping, it might get quite tiring after a while of pumping.

Needless to say, this pond vacuum cleaner is not suitable for cleaning large ponds or pools.

It is not very suitable for picking up large debris such as leaves or sticks.

They can easily clog the hose and make it difficult to use.

In fact, this pond vacuum cleaner is best used for a quick touch up.

There is a saving grace:

This pond vac can work well for spot cleaning.

If you want to pick up a little bit of muck or sand to make the pool look cleaner, this vacuum cleaner is excellent.

There was another problem:

We found that was of some concern was that there was not mesh separating the debris from the water.

So if you stop pumping the water, all the debris and the muck will start leaking out till you start pumping again.

You also have to discharge it quite often on your own when you are cleaning with it.

Overall, it is not very expensive, does its job, and provides excellent value for money.


  • It is Easy to work with
  • It is a very simple gadget
  • It provides good value for money


  • It is not the best quality and therefore not very sturdy
  • Can become tedious to use
  • Debris is released back into the water when you stop pumping

10. William Tricker Inc. Koi Pond Cleaning Vacuum

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: William Tricker Inc.
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Washable filter
  • 12-foot suction hose
  • 1-foot discharge hose

This pond vacuum cleaner is very high quality. We realized that immediately when we began assembling it.

Assembling, it was quite a breeze.

We did not come across any sort of trouble, and neither do we think the average house-user will.

It is really sturdy and will most probably last you for quite a long time.

This pond vacuum cleaner is also automatic, so there is no need for manual pumping.

It does its job by itself.

When we began cleaning up the pond, we noticed that this pond vac has excellent suction.

It efficiently picked up nearly all kinds of small and large debris from the pool without much hassle.

Of course, it did get clogged with the large debris when we used it for heavy-duty cleaning.

But the clogged debris drains right out of the hose as soon as the vacuum stops pumping.

This is a double-edged sword because:

This ends up unclogging the hose but dirtying the water again.

The vacuum does automatically shut off when the tank gets full, so it can discharge it efficiently.

This pond vac works very effectively for small and large bodies of water.

It may take some time with heavy cleaning, but it definitely does a great job with it.

This pond vacuum is slightly on the expensive side, but it provides excellent value for money.


  • It is good quality and quite sturdy
  • It provides great suction
  • It offers good value for money


  • Debris drains out when pump shuts down

11. Aura 6250 Paradise Power Spa Vacuum

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: Aura
  • Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Extends up to 7 ft
  • No batteries, pumping, or power required

This pond vacuum cleaner is manually functioning pond vacuum cleaner.

It is not quite sturdy or very high quality either.

So after we assembled it, we were already skeptical about how well it would work.

It came with an instruction booklet.

The instructions were easy to follow, and the procedure did not take long at all.

After the assembly, we went to try this pond vac in our pond.

Immediately we noticed that the suction was hardly there, which was quite a let-down at first.

After a long while, to try to make it work, we did come up with a solution.

This pond vacuum needs to be completely submerged underwater to work at its best.

Even though it was quite an inconvenience at first, we don’t mind this feature now since it just lets gravity do its work.

Even so, the suction was not powerful or anything, also if the manual power was high.

However, figuring out the mechanics of this vacuum cleaner and using it as such was very easy.

It did, however, effectively pick up floating muck, fine sand, and small rocks.

In conclusion:

This pond vacuum cleaner is best used for spot cleaning for small bodies of water.

In this regard, it does its job quite well.

This pond vacuum cleaner is not expensive, but it does not offer great value for money either.


  • It is easy to use
  • Great for spot cleaning


  • It is not of the best quality
  • It is not great value for money

12. OASE PondoVac 4

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: OASE
  • Weight: 39 pounds
  • Suction hose: 16 ft long
  • Discharge hose: 8 ft long

Right off the bat, when we unboxed this pond vacuum, we realized that it was sturdy and good quality.

It did come with instructions on how to assemble it, but they were unnecessarily complicated.

The instructions prolonged the procedure far too much.

Our struggles with the instructions did not end there, however.

It was quite complicated to get the machine up and running finally.

This was mainly due to the over complicated language of the instructions.

Once we finally got the vacuum working, we realized it was not that difficult to make it work after all.

Anyway, this vacuum cleaner has excellent suction. It can pick up all kinds of debris very quickly.

Even though it can clog up as well if we are not careful when using it, it clogs up much less than most other pond vacuum cleaners.

If you remove general debris with a fishnet first, though, it becomes much easier to collect all the muck within minimal time.

This pond vacuum cleaner works very well for all sizes of pools, ponds, and tanks.

The best part:

It has two chambers, and it automatically discharges after both chambers reach a certain level.

This process takes a reasonably long time.

This means you can clear up a lot of debris in a single working of the vacuum cleaner.

It is a high-power and high-quality pond vacuum cleaner, so it is quite expensive.

If you have a large pond in your home though it is an excellent value for money since it will last for quite a while.


  • This vacuum cleaner has excellent suction
  • It is very sturdy
  • It is perfect for all domestic bodies of water


  • It is expensive
  • It is complicated to use
  • It is complicated to assemble

13. Patriot CleanSweep 1400 Pond Vacuum

 Key Facts
  • Manufacturer: CleanSweep
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • 1400 watt motor
  • Comes with: 13 ft suction hose, 4 tubes for extension, 6.5 ft drainage hose, 3 vacuuming nozzles, debris collection bag

This pond vacuum cleaner is quite lightweight.

It is also not exactly the best quality we have seen either.

When we assembled it, it seemed to be quite flimsy.

We were not sure of how it would work as a pond vacuum cleaner.

To our surprise, it had good suction.

The suction is great for all kinds of small debris.

However, with this pond vacuum cleaner, it is essential that you clear out big, general debris out of the pond first.

Large debris can badly clog the hose and make it a pain to work with.

Because of this, it is suitable for small tanks and ponds.

This vacuum cleaner is an automatic one, so it does discharge on its own after a while.

We did notice that the cleaning and discharging time got lesser after each cycle, which was quite dismaying for us.

Even so, it could serve very well for regular domestic use.

This pond vacuum cleaner is also quite affordable and offers excellent value for money.


  • It is good for small bodies of water
  • It is good for spot cleaning
  • It is fairly affordable and good value for money


  • It is not very sturdy or high quality
  • The suction is not the best
  • The cleaning time gets shorter with every discharge cycle

Things to Consider When Buying a Pond Vacuum Cleaner?


There are generally two broad types of pond vacuum cleaners: automatic ones and manual ones.

As you probably guessed, automatic vacuum cleaners are electricity or battery-powered, and manual ones are operated by hand.

Manual vacuums are excellent for small tanks and kiddie pools.

They can get rid of a relatively large amount of muck in small domestic bodies of water.

The main problem:

Manual pond vacuum cleaners do not have high suction power like automatic cleaners do.

Other than that, they usually have to be drained reasonably quickly by hand when cleaning.

If you have a large pool or pond, you will be better off spending money on an automatic vacuum cleaner.

They shut off and drain the muck automatically when the water reaches a certain level.

You usually have very little to do by hand. So it is easily the better option for large tanks and ponds.


You can get a pond vacuum cleaner for nearly any price point. Just remember to set a budget and not go overboard with your spending.

The Main Difference:

Manual vacuum cleaners are generally much less expensive than automatic ones.

But a manual cleaner will take you nearly the whole day if you are cleaning a large pool or pond.

Also, sturdy vacuums and high quality are more expensive than flimsier ones.

But even though a flimsy cleaner will cost you less money and is best used for immediate purposes, a sturdy cleaner will serve you better in the long run.

So remember to set your budget accordingly as well.

Number of Chambers

Another thing you must consider when buying a pond vac is the number of chambers.

Automatic pond vacuum cleaners often come with one or two chambers.

To put it simply:

A one-chamber cleaner will often need to discharge more quickly than a double chamber one.

Just like that, a double chamber pond vacuum cleaner will probably be more expensive than a single chamber one as well.

Naturally, for domestic use, especially if your pond/tank/pool is not very large, it only makes sense to get a single chamber pond vac since it will be useful and economical.

Additional Accessories

Nearly all the pond vacuum cleaners that are available nowadays come with additional accessories.

These include various nozzle attachments that all serve different purposes, extension poles, debris collection bags, and some niftier items like thermometers as well!


It seems like a good idea to go for the vacuum cleaner that comes with the most accessories, but that is not always the best way to go.

Sometimes the additional accessories are redundant and flimsy.

In such a case, it is best to consult with verified purchasers to see how well the attachments worked for them.


It is essential to take note of how much muck and debris your pond vacuum cleaner can take in at a time.

If the capacity is too less and your pond is too large and filthy, it will take a long time for you to clean it since you will have to discharge the tank so often.


If your pond vac is double-chambered and carries a lot of muck at one time and you use it to clean a small aquarium, then that’ll be an uneconomical decision as well.

So make sure you know what you will need.

Related Questions

How to Use a Pond Vacuum Cleaner?

A pond vacuum cleaner is different from shop vacuum cleaners and regular vacuum cleaners.


It is best if you follow a few tips and guidelines when making use of them:

Before you begin vacuuming your pond or fish tank, it is a good idea to take out all of your fish and place them in a separate container for a while.

Fish usually stay away from the direction of powerful suction, but if one gets caught up in your automatic pond vac, it

is highly likely that it won’t survive.

This is usually not a problem with manual, low-suction vacuum cleaners.

Before you start cleaning your pond, pool, or tank, try to fish out the large, general debris with a fishnet.
It will help your vacuuming process to go smoothly, and it will prevent your hose from getting clogged.

It is better to clean your domestic bodies of water regularly.
This is so that your pond vacuum cleaner does not have to work extra hard to remove challenging muck and debris.
This could compromise its durability.
If your pond vacuum cleaner is heating up and not shutting down automatically, it is a good idea to give it a rest for a few minutes before you continue working with it.

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Pond/Pool/Tank?

The most frequently asked question regarding pond vacuum cleaners is how often should one clean their domestic tank, pool, spa, or pond.

Of course, the obvious answer to this is that every time you see the water get mucky but regular maintenance is essential so that you don’t have to do back-breaking work anymore.

You should clean out smaller tanks and kiddie pools at least once every two months before the muck in them becomes exceedingly difficult to cleanout.

You can clean out large ponds around twice or thrice a year if you have a sturdy, automatic vacuum cleaner.

If you have a manual one though you should probably use it every other month.

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