The 9 Best Aquarium Clarifiers

Are you an owner of an aquarium, pond or some other water body that is extremely hard to maintain?

In all honesty, having a fish tank is great! But the cleaning part, err.. not so much.

The colors and the playful fishes can’t really be seen when the water gets murky and filthy every other day.

However, dear tank owners! We do have quite a solution for you.

The Best Aquarium Clarifiers

We took the time to test out all the new water clarifiers on the market and shortlisted the best out there for your water clarifying needs!

Let’s dive into this list we have prepared for you, here are the top nine best fish tank clarifiers available in the market, that aren’t insanely priced and work as well!

Aquarium Water Clarifier
Water Type
API Pond ACCU- Clear Water ClarifierFreshwater
Aqueon Water ClarifierFreshwater
Algone Aquarium Water ClarifierFreshwater
Seachem PrimeFreshwater, saltwater
Easy Life Fluid filterFreshwater

1. API Pond ACCU- Clear Pond Water Clarifier


This 16-ounce bottle is made to clear your water body of dirt/silt or any floating particles. Another one of its great features is how it clumps together those tedious larger particles which makes it easier to remove them as well. (Thank god!)

But you are probably wondering it is this ideal for my tank back at home?

The small dosage of 1.25 ounces is sufficient for up to 370 gallons of water. So, it is adequate for any small to medium sized tank or pond you might have at home.

It can be used once every week or every time you feel the water is murky and needs a good cleaning!

Make sure you use the correct dosage! The water gets even cloudier when you put it in, but it takes a day or more to clear your water fully.

 Things i really like
  • The clarifier can further improve the efficiency of your water filtration system
  • It is also completely safe for your beloved fishes, whether you have a school of Koi, Catfish or even goldfishes.
 Things i don’t like
  • This water clarifier might work great but is only for good freshwater tanks and ponds. You might need to find another clarifier that is salt-water friendly.

2. Aqueon Water Clarifier


This water clarifiers are one of the best-rated on the market. The 8-ounce bottle is budget friendly. It instantly clears cloudy and murky water and perfect for any fresh-water bodies you might be taking care of.

The amazing part is, it can make filtered water look even brighter, to begin with!

The Aqueon water clarifiers also come with a dosage cap included! This helps you put the right amount of liquid in your tank. This clarifier also comes in different quantities ranging in 2,6,8 and 16-ounce bottles.

In case of emergency, you can double this clarifier for your saltwater tanks too! (but only in case of emergencies!)

 Things i really like
  • Comes with a dosage cap to help you use the right quantity
  • It is a Safe and effective clarifier that does not harm your fishes.
  • It works quickly! You will notice a visible difference in just 6 hours.
 Things i don’t like
  • Can only be used in freshwater tanks or ponds and not adequate for other aquatic settings.

3. Algone Aquarium Water Clarifier and Nitrate Remover


The Algone aquarium water clarifier comes in a smaller box that contains six pouches for six uses.

This water clarifier is also a great clarifier on the market and does the job very well. It is completely safe for your aquatic friends! (which you should expect from every good water clarifier!!)

But it gets better:

Algone corrects the nutrient imbalance in water and removes pollutants as well. It also creates higher content of oxygen in the water and enhances nitrifying bacteria. Well, in simple words that means it creates a thriving environment for beloved aquatic pets!

It’s an excellent all-around water clarifier and does fulfill your tanks cleaning needs overall.

 Things i really like
  • It is excellent for all kinds of chemical, nutrient and biological imbalances in your water tank.
  • No matter how your water gets cloudy, Algone does help with keeping the water crystal clear.
 Things i don’t like
  • You can only get six uses out of one pack and might need to repurchase it more than twice a month!
  • This formula is only sufficient for medium to larger sized water bodies as a pouch is adequate for 330 Gallons of water at a time.

4. Seachem Prime


This 500ML bottle equates to a little over 16 fl oz. When putting the test, this water clarifier promises to remove chlorine and chloramine from your water body, which is a great feature!

The Seachem prime can remove harmful chemicals from your tanks and ponds, which most clarifiers do not offer. It can also remove ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrates (these can contribute to excess algae growth!)

Additional features:

It comes in different sizes ranging from 50ml up to 1 liter for larger water bodies. The significant part is it can be used for both fresh-water and saltwater tanks

The Seachem prime can work even better when combined with a good water filter! That also means it will take less time to clear up your tank

 Things i really like
  • Detoxifies heavy metals from your water body!
  • 100 ml bottle can treat up to 1000 Gallons of water, wow!
  • Provides with natural production of slime coat.
  • Removes impurities and different heavy metals from your water as well
 Things i don’t like
  • The only con is that the Seachem Prime does have a tad bit of an odor, but nothing you can’t manage for a little while.

5. Easy-Life Fluid Filter


The Easy Life fluid filter retails in a 500ml bottle which is again a little over 16 fl oz. For the price, you get an easily workable water clarifier. This formula is 100% Natural and environment-friendly.

It clears your water tank and gives more vibrancy to the colors visible. In addition to this, it is completely safe for your fishes which is perhaps one of the most important features we look for in a good water clarifier.

It isn’t something fancy and won’t really do much more than clearing murky water, but it does do the job well.

 Things i really like
  • Works great with fresh water tanks and is marine life-friendly as well.
  • Has an unlimited shelf-life and will not expire.
  • Eliminates stressful conditions for fishes, that boosts growth and breeding.
 Things i don’t like
  • It is one of the more pricier water clarifiers given its quantity of 16 fl oz!

6. Dr.Tim’s aquatic Natural Aquarium Products


Dr. Tim really thought this product out alright! This requires the least effort on your end. You can add this to your water and immediately add your fish to it too. Yes, it is completely safe and fish friendly!

More features:

Another one of its great features is how it eliminates ‘new tank syndrome’ that’s when your tank’s ecosystem isn’t successfully breaking down bacteria and waste materials that your fish are producing!

Another good news for tank owners and cleaners is how this clarifier does not have a foul odor!

 Things i really like
  • Produces 100% Nitrifying bacteria which creates an optimum level of enzymes in the tank.
  • Comes in different sized bottles for all your aquarium needs
  • Eliminates ‘New tank syndrome.’
 Things i don’t like
  • This might just be good for your Freshwater tanks only, and you would need another formula for your saltwater tanks.

7. Tetra Crystal Water Clarifier


This 100 Ml bottle can do wonders for your Fresh-water tank.

Like the name suggests the Tetra clear leaves your aquarium crystal clear and binds the smaller particles into one which makes manual and filter removal even more effortless.

The formula is phosphate free and maintains the PH balance for your tank. (So it does keep the healthy bacteria in!)

Is it safe for your tank?

The great addition to this formula is how it also creates a stress-free environment for your little fish to thrive in. In fact, it is safe for all species of fishes!

The inorganic metals and aluminum salts have a good overall effect on your tank. It is also available in a 100 ml (4 fl oz) and 250 ml (8.5 fl oz)

 Things i really like
  • It does have visible effects on your tank and really does live to the crystal in its name!
  • Creates a stress-free environment for your fishes!
  • It is easy on the pocket! A good affordable water clarifier that does the job.
 Things i don’t like
  • The formula, however, is inorganic, and you might not prefer to add that to your fish tank
  • Moreover, while this will show results in 2-6 hours, it might also need additional dosages to demonstrate its effect fully.
  • Can only be used for freshwater tanks and other water bodies.

8. Chemi Clean Aquarium Treatment


The aquarium treatment formula is mainly for those pesky stains that the cyanobacteria leave behind.

The red, black and greenish stains that can ruin your tanks very easily are quite annoying! But the Chemi-clean is the ideal solution to this staining.

It is safe for your freshwater fishes or perhaps your saltwater corals and invertebrates.

It maintains an ideal enzyme balance and helps create a stress-free environment for all kinds of fishes.

Users specifically loved how fast and effective it was in removing staining and clearing the overall visibility in their tanks.

The amazing part is how the small quantity of 2g can treat up to 300 Gallons of water! It comes with a dosage scoop included as well.

 Things i really like
  • Its great cyanobacteria stain removing feature, which is a huge plus point for the product
  • A small quantity can treat a large body of water making it ideal for larger tank owners!
 Things i don’t like
  • The formula does take 48 hours to take full effect; you might need to start prepping your tank two days earlier!

9. Chemi Pure Elite


This formula is unique since it can last up to 4-6 months as a filter and does not need maintenance. It is great for any water type or different reef or coral tanks.
The filtration system also reveals a brighter more vibrant look to your water, that helps you to see flora and fauna clearly.

It removes slime and phosphates from the water. One unit of this stuff can treat nearly 40 gallons of water and the fact that it lasts long makes it budget friendly as well.

If you own a pair to two of African Cichlids or even Discus, this formula will be ideal for you

 Things i really like
  • Budget-friendly lasts long and works! What more can you ask for?
  • Adds more vibrancy to your tank as well.
 Things i don’t like
  • Might not work too great with small water bodies since measuring the exact quantity could get difficult, but if you can then this is great for those also!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are water clarifiers?

If you want to get rid of that murky water (you obviously do!), then you can use (voila!) A water clarifier.

Water clarifiers do all the work of keeping your tank’s water crystal clear and creating the ideal environment for your fishes.

The formula causes chemical changes in the water and makes silt or waste clump together so it can get caught by your filter or can be manually removed.

In addition to this water, clarifiers have many more benefits! They don’t just help with cleaning your aquarium but can create the perfect enzyme and nutrient balance as well.

They are safe for your aquatic friends and create a stress-free environment for breeding or just socially active fishes!

Are aquarium clarifiers safe for my fishes?

First-Time tank owner and are struggling with keeping your tank clean and healthy then your doubts about aquarium clarifiers are rightfully justified!

The good thing is all water clarifiers (obviously, if used according to instructions) are tested safe for all your fishes, and you don’t have to worry about chemical harm as well. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

Check the specifications for the particular product you use. Some clarifiers are harmful against certain species. Avoid any unnecessary harm and follow all the dosage instructions properly.

If you add too much, it can create a stressful environment for your aquatic animals.

Does aquarium clarifier really work?

Aquarium clarifiers are used by all tank owners whether fresh water or salt water tanks. It helps manage multiple things.

It can help clear bacterial stains, clumping together waste and clearing up murky water. Some water clarifiers also help with creating the perfect enzyme and PH balance in your tank as well.

It avoids constant water changes and takes the load off your filtration system as well!

How long will these tank clarifiers take to work for my tank?

Now if you are wondering how long your clarifier will take to fully affect your tank, then it depends on the kind of clarifier you own.

Most water clarifiers work within hours of adding it to your tank, but some can take up to 2 full days to clean up your tank while others can take up to 10 days for more extensive water bodies.

All aquarium cleaning clarifiers come with an instruction pamphlet. That pamphlet guides you on how much to use for a certain water type and the number of gallons, in your tank.

In addition to this, it also informs the user when they are expected to see the changes in the water. If you follow all the steps correctly, then it will definitely work!

How often can I use water clarifiers?

Most water clarifiers as used as the last step when trying to clarify your tank’s water. Many times, your tank water might not be clearing up even after all your efforts.

If water changes, filtration and washing the tank’s accessories do not work, and the water keeps getting cloudy, then you can use a water clarifier ideal for your tank.

Moreover, don’t use the clarifier more times than directed on the provided instructions pamphlet. It can harm your fishes and disrupt the ecological cycle within your tank.

What you can do as a preventative measure is to add a little bit each time you change the water or clean the tank!

How do I know if I’ve added too much clarifier and it can cause a problem?

If you are worried about adding too much dosage or making the environment too stressful for your fishes then don’t worry, some signs can tell you that your tank’s environment is not right.

If you fish, seem distressed, erratic or are coming to the top for oxygen that might indicate a problem with the PH, oxygen and enzyme levels of your tank.

If this happens, you should immediately separate the fish and start changing the water in your tank. This is why it’s important to follow the dosage instructions very carefully!

Can I use the water clarifier with the fish inside the tank?

Well yes! These formulas a fish friendly and you can add them to your tank while the fishes are in there.

However, it is always good to make sure whether your fishes seem distressed or perhaps are more erratic in the tank. Change the water immediately if so.

Overall it is recommended to use these clarifiers without the fish inside, just as a precautionary measure!

Will the water clarifier effect my filtration system?

Your filtration system and water clarifier go hand in hand. They both reduce the load and help each other clean the tank more effectively.

When your water clarifier clumps waste together, it makes it easier for the filter to remove them from the water.

Some water clarifiers even work better when combined with a good filtration system in the tank.

Can I use other products while I have my clarifier added?

Yes! You very well can use other products. Perhaps maybe your water conditioner. You can also activate your filtration system that further improves the quality of your clarifier.

You can easily use other accessories such as gravel vacuums and algae scrubbers, without hesitation.

Can’t I use one clarifier for both water types?

You can only double the clarifier if your particular water clarifier specifies that is compatible with both water types.

For example, the Seachem and the Chempure Elite water clarifiers are good for both saltwater and freshwater tanks.

However, if the clarify states that it only works for a certain water type, then it is recommended that you buy a separate clarifier for the other water type.

Sometimes a certain clarifier may not be safe for all species.

Saltwater tanks may have different species like shrimps, lobsters, octopus or crabs in them which can incur harm via certain brands of clarifiers.

Will the water clarifier even kill the good bacteria in my tank?

The water clarifier you end up using is not likely to kill the good bacteria because it is specially designed only to remove larger particles and waste from your tank.

If you are still concerned about the tanks’s safety, you can always check the PH levels of your tank regularly and see whether the correct biological environment is maintained.

How do I pick the right water clarifier for my tank?

Now many factors help you pick the right brand of clarifier for your tank.

Firstly, and most importantly know your water type. Not all water clarifiers work for both fresh and salt water both. Read what a particular clarifier is compatible with. You cannot double your clarifier for both water types if it states that it only works for one.

The size of your tanks is also essential. The scale indicates what size of bottle you might need. Most clarifiers are available in many different sizes, and you can buy the ideal one that is sufficient for the number of gallons in your pond or aquarium.

Another critical factor is what causes the cloudy or murky water in your tank. The source is essential to know so you can buy a clarifier that targets it.

Your clarifier might not work if it is meant to clear up bacteria growth and the fish waste is the problem for your tank!

Read all the specifications properly and study the kind the problem your tank is facing to see what the perfect fit might be!

Related Questions

Why might your water get cloudy?

Now there are plenty of ways to keep your water looking clean and your fish happy.

Clearwater is not just for an aesthetically pleasing tank for also to create a healthy and thriving environment for your little aquatic friends.

Here are some factors that can make your tank water murky:


Your tank classifies as a self-enclosed environment. There will come the point where the water cannot always be filters and clean.

Well! Obviously changing the water can shockingly keep your tanks clean too. Periodically changing up the water in the right way is something your fishes thank you for every day!

New tank syndrome

New tank syndrome is when you buy a new tank and add your gravel bed, décor and fishes that may take time to adjust to the new environment fully.

Most of the time when new decorations settle in, they release dust and waste that might not have gotten out on the first wash. This can turn your water cloudy.


In addition to this, another important thing is your tank’s decorations! Yes, your tanks décor plays a significant role in the cleanliness of the aquarium and its water.

Individual pieces of décor need more maintaining and cleaning than others.

Rocks that are hollow or have Knick knacks will need to be separately clean because Yes! It does harbor a lot of unwanted bacteria.


Plants, reefs and smaller corals might not need as much cleaning, but you can clean them every two months as well!

In fact, plants decay as well too! They can also contribute to the waste build up in the tank.

Plants also turn nitrites into nitrates which can cause an excess of nutrients. You can reduce the number of plants or turn off the lights from time to time.

Problems with filtration-

Now filtration is one of the primary methods your tank’s cleanliness. You Might Have a filter that is underpowered for the number of gallons in your tank.

You need an excellent heavy-duty filter or multiple ones for your tank or pond. A good filter helps remove particle and waste too. Make sure you replace, maintain and clean your filters regularly.

These regulate the water without you having to change it or use a gravel vacuum constantly.


Needless to say, your fishes are also a primary source of producing waste in your tank. Their food and waste production can make the water dirtier even quicker.

The excess feed can sink to the bottom and produce toxic byproducts within your tank’s water.

Too much light

Now how can light exposure make your tank dirty? Well, it very well can. If your waterbody is outside or if you have a well-lit indoor tank, it can make your water slightly green tinted.

Over-exposure to light effects the temperature and quality of water.

It promotes bacterial production, along with this it also gives growth to algae growth which can stick to the walls of your tank or around the tank’s décor.

Algae growth makes your tanks unappealing to look at and can disturb the fish’s biological environment too.

Bacteria and staining

Bacteria growth can contribute to green and cloudy water as well. For example, the cyanobacteria can promote red or greenish blue staining within your tank.

Excess nutrients

If you have too many plants that can mean your tank might have an excess of nutrients like phosphates and nitrates. This also means the promotion of algae.

These nutrients can help bacteria, slime and algae thrive in your tank and help take over your tank little by little!

Hacks and tips to keep your tank clean!

Here we Have listed down eight essential tips that will help you keep your tank clean and take the extra load off of you as well!

Water clarifiers

Well yes obviously. Water clarifiers are a great method that helps you maintain and prevent cloudy water.

It can help with multiple things like making your tank crystal clear and giving it the perfect enzyme and PH balance.


One of the easiest ways of keeping a clean environment is to have a working filter. (duh!)  A filter removes small particles, waste, and unnecessary food leftovers as well.

It keeps regulates the biological cycle within your tank and needless to say it gives your fishes a healthy and happy environment to thrive in.

Find the perfect filter for your tank:

Check the power of the filter, whether it works efficiently for a specific gallon tank and its overall quality. It should last your long and keep the water moderately clean throughout the day without water changes.

Maintain your filter

You should also maintain the current filter you have. You can do that replacing the carbon filter within the filters.

The carbon filter absorbs toxins and wastage. This does have a particular shelf life and can wear out. It is better if you periodically keep replacing them.

Plants/ corals and reefs

Plants don’t just look good but can also keep your water cleaner for you! How useful. They turn nitrites into nitrates.

In easier terms that means that kind of enzyme level is ideal for your fishes. It uses the Co2 and waste material produced by your fish and turns them into an oxygen-rich, cleaner environment.

Moreover, make sure you always clean your saltwater corals too, then can promote and harbor algae growth, and your fishes might not use them as breeding grounds if they are too dirty.

Washing décor and gravel:

All your decorations, whether a sunken ship or a playhouse for the fishes, they need a thorough cleaning! Use a small toothbrush and soap to clean the knick-knacks in your decoration.

The might also be covered with slime, algae growth and bacteria which is also good to remove periodically. Your fish will enjoy your decorations much more if they provide a healthier and social environment.

Gravel is also a big issue that makes your tank dirty. Make sure your gravel a good cleaning because it can store in waste and food leftovers as well.

You can use a gravel vacuum or just dip it in some solution and put it under running water to make sure your pressure out all the foreign particles!

Remember! Clean gravel means a clean tank.

Clean the tank’s glass

Algae scrubbing:

Well yes, Algae scrubbing is very important! You can purchase an affordable glass algae scrubber or make one yourself with a magnet.

These scrubbers can remove algae and bacteria growth on glasses that can help the environment and is obviously better for your viewing pleasure!

Lime cleaner:

You can use an aquarium safe lime cleaner as well to remove external prints, dirt, and impressions that might appear when maintaining or viewing the tank.

You can use the lime cleaner to clean the inner walls and fixtures of the tank as well. Make sure your scrub and clean that tank through and let it dry before adding water to it!

Water changes:

Well needless to say water changes and help clear your tank, but here an additional tip.

If not, the entire tank you can change up to 15% to 30% of water for bigger water bodies regularly. This conserves water and gives your fishes a healthy environment.

You also have the option to add water conditions or water clarifiers to it to even make more of an ideal setting.

No over-feeding

You can avoid overfeeding your fishes as well. Overfeeding can live bacteria in your tank that can breakdown and settle into the gravel.

This can also mean that the leftover food we produce toxins an make the water in your tank murky.

Try to feed your fish only what they can finish in up to 2 minutes. You can also use a skimmer to skim out the leftover food immediately before it breaks down into your tank.

Control lighting

In addition to this try to keep your lighting on a timer which keeps the aquariums light on for up to 10 to 12 hours a day and not more than that.

This helps you to keep algae growth under control and only keep healthy levels of bacteria in your tank.

If your tank is outdoor make sure you covered with a sheet if it is getting too much sunlight during the day!

Other tips and tricks

  • You can use an aquarium cleaning tester kit, which tells you if your water is at an optimum level of PH and enzymes.

This indicates whether you need to replace it or not. That indication can help you decide about necessary water changes and save water.

  • In addition to this, you can also plant certain plants and reefs that help you maintain the enzyme balance of your tank.

Some examples include the Hornwort, which does absorb nitrogen and improve oxygen levels overall.

  • Moreover, try to use PVC pipes can help with water transfer much faster and efficiently than manually replacing gallons of water yourself

We’re hoping all these tips help you maintain your tank and also save you some more time and effort!

How can you change the water in your tank properly?

Changing your water regularly can help maintain your tank’s biological environment and keep your fishes healthy and happy. Here are some tips and hacks you can follow to maintain and replace your tanks water.

While replacing the water, you can individually clean the decorations and gravel as well, to make sure they don’t harbor algae and unhealthy bacteria.

  • You can keep a small bucket of water that can temporarily store the fishes while you change the water. This can be any small bucket.
  • Make sure you unplug any sort of electrical filters and heaters that might be in the tank to avoid malfunction and allows you to safely replace the water.
  • You can remove the filtration system and start to clean the carbon filter inside. Carbon is known for absorbing toxic materials; hence it needs periodical cleaning too!
  • If your decorations look slimy or dirty, you can soak them in soap water during the time of water replacement. This can remove algae growth or bacteria with in pieces.
  • An additional tip is that you can empty the gravel and give it a thorough wash under running water. All waste material eventually settles down in the gravel bed.

So, it surely needs a thorough cleaning.

  • Take this opportunity to clean the exterior and interior glass of your aquarium. There might be stubborn stains and overall moss growth that needs to be removed with every water change.
  • Now when it comes to the water change, you can use PVC pipes that replace the water much faster than manually replacing it with buckets.
  • You can also use pipe attachments directly from the nearest water source to fill out the tank.
  • Halfway full you can check whether the water is visibility clear and has particles floating around (Just as a preventative measure!)
  • At this stage, you can add water clarifier and conditioner as prevention. Then you can place all your washed and rinsed décor back in place too!

There you have it! Simple and easy steps to maintain and replace the water in your tank. If you have a saltwater tank, then you can adjust the salt and PH levels according to your aquatic requirements.

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