13 Best Bow Front Aquariums

Are you confused about which bow front aquarium to buy?

Can you not make up your mind about what would work better for your room?

If this is the case, you have landed at the correct place.

Bow front aquariums are a stylish option for fish keeping.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options you will find on the market.

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Best Bow Front Aquariums

Aqueon Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kit14.5 x 13.5 x 10 in5 gallons
Aqueon Tank Bow Black 30X15X21 36G30 x 15 x 21 in36 gallons
Tetra 29234 Half Moon Aquarium Kit18.5 x 12.6 x 20.76 in10 gallons
SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set36 x 16.5 x 20 in46 gallons
Interpet Fish Pod Moon Glass Aquarium45 x 28 x 55 cm10 gallons

Why Buy a Bow Front Aquarium?

Who doesn’t like their house to have a stylish touch?

Aquariums are placed in plain sight, and thus you would want it to be visually pleasing.

This is where bow front aquariums excel.

They work well for the décor, adding style and elegance to the room and quickly becoming the center of attention.

These tanks also offer an impressive viewing area.

That’s not all;

These aquariums have a large variety, giving you the freedom to opt for something you like.

Since they take up less space, their location is less of a worry.

The curved design gives the tank additional depth, making it suitable for long fish.

Owing to the design of the tank, you get the opportunity to fit a large capacity tank in a smaller space.

All in all; this the perfect type of aquarium for all those looking for a fish tank that will enhance the style quotient of the room while offering convenience.

Bow front aquariums detailed product reviews

1. Aqueon Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kit


This bow front aquarium is the perfect option for those just developing an interest in fish keeping.

The best part is; it has everything you could need for your hobby.

All the essentials required to set up an aquarium such as a water conditioner, lighting, and replacement filters form part of the kit.

You even get fish food with the aquarium.

Therefore, you only need to purchase the fish, and you are good to go.

Constructed from acrylic, the tank is provided with a 15-Watt incandescent bulb.

The bulb works excellent with the light hood of the tank.

You can purchase the hood in red, blue or black color, depending on your preference.

You can easily place this mini bow aquarium on a desk, making it perfect for dorms, apartments, and offices.::::


  • It does not take up a lot of space and is suitable for offices and dorms.
  • You get a complete system. Apart from fish, no additional purchases are required.
  • The printed guide ensures that setup and maintenance are easy.


  • The bulb has a short lifespan compared to a fluorescent lamp.
  • The speed of the current is quite strong, and thus you might have to tinker with the filtration system.

2. Aqueon Tank Bow Black


All the fish lovers will undoubtedly love this aquarium as it has quite a lot of appealing features.

To top it; the tank is affordable as well. Thus, if you love fishes and wish to save money, this is just the thing you need.

With a capacity of 36 gallons, this tank is suitable for you if you are buying a curved glass fish tank for the first time.

Once you set it and add the decorations, the tank is an absolute delight to look at.

The overall beauty is further enhanced owing to the curved surface.

You would feel as though the fish is right in front of your eyes.

This is not all; the tank is provided with a black seal silicone.

This not only makes the tank look more beautiful but also prevents leakage.

If you want to ensure that the aquarium is visually appealing and offers convenience, this bow front aquarium is undoubtedly worth considering.::::


  • Provided with a contemporary design that gives it a dramatic view
  • Prevents leakage owing to the black seal silicone
  • Cost-effective


  • Since it is entirely made of glass, one has to be careful about the placement

3. Tetra 29234 Half Moon Aquarium Kit


If appearances matter to you, this aquarium kit by Tetra is among the best options you will come across.

The aquarium has quite a unique shape.

It features a half-moon design with a curved front and flat back. There are no sides.

The top edge is frameless ensuring that you enjoy an unobstructed view of your beloved fish.

With a capacity of 10 gallons, the tank is a sight to behold.

There is more; the kit comprises of all the essentials of fish keeping.

It features a cartridge based filter system that will provide your aquatic life with a crystal clean environment.

However, it does not produce a lot of noise and thus is not a source of distraction.


A 50-Watt heater along with an LED lighting system also forms part of the kit.

You will undoubtedly be pleased with everything that the kit has to offer.::::


  • The size allows you to use it to house a variety of fish including bettas, tetras, and mollies.
  • Since it is tall and narrow, it does not take up a lot of space.
  • It is equipped with a heater and filter, and thus no additional purchases have to be made.


  • Since it is narrow, there are some types of fish you cannot keep.
  • The lid is somewhat flimsy. People sometimes confuse it to be a part of the packaging and end up throwing it away.

4.  SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set


This aquarium set has a lot to offer, and thus you can be sure that you will not regret opting for it.

Equipped with 24-inches light fixture and a reflector, the combo set proves to be a great purchase.

The aquarium is provided with a convex shape.

The view is thus enhanced making the aquatic life and decorations pop out.

The frameless design of the tank ensures that you get an unobstructed view from all around.

The best part is;

Since it is constructed from acrylic, it weighs merely 20 pounds.

Thus, you will not face any difficulty in handling it.

Acrylic is also found to be brighter compared to glass.

There is more; the unit is also designed to be impact resistant.

Thus, there is less likelihood of it cracking or chipping.

Those with children and pets can buy this one without any worries.

You can use both freshwater and saltwater with this tank.::::


  • It is equipped with reflector and light fixture restricting additional costs
  • It is comparatively lighter making transport feasible
  • Can be used for both freshwater and saltwater


  • The viewing area of acrylic can scratch easily
  • The top of the aquarium is fused and thus accessing the inner side is somewhat tricky.

5.  Interpet Fish Pod Moon Glass Aquarium


This is among the best options for those looking for an aquarium that offers them get a view of their fish,

The tank is provided with a curved glass exterior.

Thus, you can enjoy a panoramic view of your tank from all the sides.

There are no distortions.

Setting it up is quite easy and would not take up a lot of your time. You will be done in about half an hour.

The most appealing feature; the filtration system is excellent with a unique design.

Maintenance is easy, and it offers optimal performance.

Thus, you would not have to worry about the living condition of your aquatic life with this tank.

The system is inbuilt into a hood.

To clean it, you simply have to lift it off and switch the poly pad.

You can then clean it all within a few minutes.

Wait there is more; it also features bioactive Tapsafe. Thus, you can use tap water for the tank, and no harm will fall on your fish.

It will get rid of chlorine and other impurities.

It has more;

A 15-watt fluorescent lamp forms part of it.

The lamp is energy efficient, and thus you do not have to worry about your energy bills hitting the roof.

If you want to keep cold-water fish, you will not have to make any additional purchases.

Some upgrades will be required for tropical fish.


  • It is provided with an energy efficient 15-watt fluorescent bulb
  • It does not require a lot of space
  • The filtration system is easy to use and maintain.


  • The size is a tad bit too small for some fish
  • Finding the fish within the plants might be tough due to the size.

6. SeaClear System II Acrylic Aquarium


With a capacity of 46 gallons, this is indeed one of the largest and yet impressive bow front aquariums you will find on the market.

Wait; the size should not deceive you. It merely weighs 20 pounds.

Thus, handling it is not something you will have trouble with.

Owing to its size, you can use the tank to house a wide variety of fish.

You can also decorate your tank as per your liking.

Since it is constructed from acrylic, it is quite durable as well.

It has more to offer; the system is provided with a biological filtration system which is built in the back of the tank.

The filter features chambers which you can use for mechanical, chemical and biological filter media.

Thus, you can make sure that your fish get the best living conditions possible.

A space for heater and protein skimmer is also present, but you will have to purchase these separately.

The tank features a hood with 24″ fluorescent fixture. The bulb has to be purchased separately.

Setting it up and using it is quite simple.

The air injected nozzle ensures that you do not find cleaning difficult.


  • Provided with an efficient filter system
  • Features a turbulence manifold feature which enhances water circulation
  • Can be used for a variety of fish
  • Easy to set up


  • Acrylic can get scratched easily
  • Owing to its size, it requires ample space

7. Aqueon Deluxe LED Bow Front Aquarium Kit Black 36 Gallon


This aquarium manages to win your heart the moment you set your eyes on it.

A lot of features put up a compelling case in favor of this bow front aquarium kit by Aqueon.

It is provided with a curved front glass panel.

Thus, you get to enjoy a dramatic view of the aquatic life of the tank.

This is not all;

The tank also features a low profile LED full hood.

This offers you an optimal output of light.

The kit features a day white LED lamp.

Another slot is also available to place the second LED lamp of your choice.

The LED lamp is energy efficient and thus does not increase your energy bills significantly.

Furthermore, you do not have to worry about leakage owing to the black silicone seals that are present.

The kit is also provided with a heater, water conditioner, thermometer, net, and guide.

Fish food is also part of the kit. Thus, don’t stress about buying anything else for your fish.

The best part is; the unit features a Quietflow power filter.

Thus, your fish get a clean and pure environment, and you do not have to bear any loud noises owing to same.


  • The kit is provided with all the essentials, and thus no additional purchases have to be made.
  • You can use it for both, freshwater and saltwater fish.
  • The filter system is impressive


  • It is quite heavy, weighing about 70 pounds.
  • Owing to the radius of the glass, you might have to place lights in specific locations for the elimination of glares.

8. Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits with LED Lighting


If you do not have a lot of space and yet cannot keep away from fishes, this is just the right tank for you.

Provided with a compact and contemporary design with an elevated base, this tank is excellent for small spaces.

You can easily place it on a desktop or dorm room.

The light hood features a feeding hole.

Thus, you will not find it difficult to feed your fish.

The light hood is provided with a low profile energy efficient LED.

Therefore, you get adequate lighting without having to stress over your energy bills.

That’s not all;

The unit is quite easy to set up and manages to enhance the beauty of a room.

You get a complete guide system that guides you through the whole process of setting up the tank.

Maintenance is also unlikely to pose any problems for you.

You get all the essentials required for fish keeping making it an appealing option for the first-timers.

It is also provided with Aqueon quite flow filtration which ensures that your fish get pure living environment.


  • Setting up is easy with a detailed guide
  • Does not require a lot of space
  • The filter does not produce a lot of noise


  • The filter intake is a tad bit too strong.
  • The constant water movement makes it difficult to feed the fish at times.

9. Fluval Premium Bow Front Aquarium Kit w/LED


When it comes to fish care, Fluval has the best products to offer, and this one is no exception.

This freshwater aquarium is suitable for both seasoned aquarists and beginners.

You will be impressed with everything that this kit has to offer.

The tank features a low-profile canopy LED light that disperses 1470 lumens.

Thus, you can watch the fish comfortably.

The best thing;

This unit features a C4 power filter.

The water undergoes five stages of filtration.

Thus, you can be assured that your fish get optimal living conditions.

There is more; the kit is provided with a submersible M heater.

This European made heater features shock-resistant glass and mirror technology.

Therefore, durability is not something you will find lacking in this kit.

You also get other essentials for fish keeping with the kit including fish food, thermometer, water treatments, and net.


  • The tank is easy to set up and use and is provided with a detailed guide for the purpose
  • The low profile canopy LED light gives the tank excellent lighting.
  • The filtration system is powerful and effective


  • The tank is quite heavy, weighing about 104 pounds. Thus, one person will find it difficult to set it up.
  • It features only a day light. You will need to purchase a night light separately, or the tank will remain in the dark.

10. BBT3 Twin Betta Bow Front Tank Aquarium Kit


Beginners who are just developing an interest in fish keeping often tend to opt for a Betta fish.

This is because these fish are easy to take care of.

This BBT3 aquarium is designed keeping the requirements of a Betta fish in mind.

The tank is perfect for starters looking to own a pair of Betta fish.

Since it is constructed from acrylic, you get an impressive view of the fish at all times.

You are also provided with a couple of plants, gravel and a divider along with the tank.

There is more; the tank features a double divider system.

The blue tank divider shield separates two Betta fish visually.

If you remove the blue divider, you get to see the natural beauty of the fish.

Furthermore, EZ clean system forms part of the tank.

The system includes a unique filter-grid system along with an EZ-lift lift.

A water release cap is also included which makes water changes easier.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Offers a picturesque view of the fish
  • Easy to clean


  • It is a tad bit too small and thus cannot hold more than a couple of Betta fish.

11. Penn Plax Betta Bow-Front 2-Compartment Fish Tank Kit


Penn Plax enjoys a profound reputation in the world of fish care.

This is another one of their products that has a lot to offer.

The tank is constructed using crystal clear acrylic which ensures that you get the perfect view of your fish.

A small pack of pro-V crystals is also included with the tank.

These serve to absorb the waste thereby providing your fish with a healthy environment while making cleaning easier for you.

The tank features divided food compartments.

Thus, your kid will have a fun time feeding the fish.

A food scoop is also included to make things easier.

The best is yet to come; the tank is provided with a bottom drain.

Thus, you can change water partially easily without taking much time. The process will not create any mess.

All that you need to do is drain 20% of the water and replace it with fresh water.

You are also provided with plant pins with the kit.

Thus, you do not have to worry about floating plants hampering your view of the fish.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Visually pleasing
  • Fun for the kids


  • It is too small to house more than a single Betta fish

12. Fluval 15227 26 Bow Aquarium Kit


You can always rely on Fluval to offer you with the best products.

This aquarium kit is another one of their products that do not fail to impress.

Designed keeping beginners and seasoned aquarists in mind, the kit includes everything you might require to provide your fish with the best possible care.

A low profile LED light forms part of the kit that generates 630 lumens, making it suitable for low light level plants.

You can also upgrade to a second light strip thereby adjusting the viewing experience to your liking.

Wait for more;

The unit is also provided with a C3 power filter.

Thus, the tank is cleaned via five stages of filtration.

You can thus be assured that your fish get optimal clean and pure environment it deserves.

It also includes a European-made submersible M heater. It has shock-resistant glass and mirror technology.

Don’t worry; the heater blends with the environment and therefore does not impede with your viewing experience.

The kit has all the essentials that you might find useful to provide your fish with great care including protein-rich food, water treatments, thermometer, and net.


  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Has everything included required to provide fish care.
  • The filtration system is effective, ensuring fish get sparkly clean water


  • The tank might need a stand that has to be separately purchased
  • It requires sufficient space

13. Aqueon 06439 Bow Front Aquarium


This is another impressive bow front aquarium by Aqueon that will not let you down.

With a capacity of 26 gallons, you can use the tank to feature a variety of fishes.

Here’s the best thing; it is provided with a powerful filtration system.

Thus, you would not have to worry about cleaning the water.

Your fish will get pure and clean environment all the time which will enable them to thrive.

A starter cartridge for the filtration system also forms part of the kit.

It is also equipped with a 50-watt heater that you can submerge in water.

The hood of the tank features a full-spectrum lamp.

Thus, your aquarium will be a beautiful sight day and night.

Other essentials such as food and water conditioner are also included.

Therefore, there are no additional purchases that you need to worry about.


  • The aquarium is provided with all the essentials, making it suitable for beginners.
  • It is visually appealing
  • You can use it to house a variety of fish


  • It is heavy, weighing 44 pounds and thus setting up might be difficult for a single person.

What is the difference between flat aquariums and bow front aquariums?

Both types of tanks have their own sets of pros and cons.

Understanding their differences might make it easier for you to decide which one you should buy.


Bow front tanks do not take up a lot of space.

They are usually provided with a compact design.

Thus, if you want to place the tank in a small space such as an apartment or office, bow front tanks are a better option.


If you have a large living room, the flat aquariums will look more appealing in the area.


Bow front aquariums require a larger stand for the accommodation of the bulging middle area.

Specific stands have to be bought since the shape of the tank needs to be given heed to.

On the other hand;

Flat tanks do not usually have this problem.

Manufacturing process

Both the types are constructed from acrylic and glass.

But as it turns out, the manufacturing process of bow front tanks is more complicated.

This is owing to their curved front.

The view

The view of fish inside the bow front tanks tends to be somewhat distorted.

However, many fish lovers find this factor to work in favor of the tank.

They feel they can interact with their beloved fish better.

On the other hand, some people prefer the flat front to ensure the view is not distorted from any side.


Taking pictures of the fish inside the tank is easier with flat ones.

You will need proper photography equipment to take good quality photos of fish inside a bow front tank.

What gives bow front aquariums an edge over other options?

The interesting thing is; the opinions for bow front aquariums are highly divided and diverse.

You will find some people who love such tanks while others consider it to be the worst kind.

It depends on your requirements.

More area

These tanks have more front surface area compared to other options.

Easy cleaning

They are easy to clean and maintain.

Think about it;

It is not convenient to spend hours trying to clean a large tank.

You will not have to face any such problem with bow front tanks.

What’s more; the fish have more area they can retreat to as you clean the tank.

More room for fish

Owing to the design of the tank, you can keep long fish with ease.

They get more room to roam around.

Are there any downsides to getting a bow front aquarium?

There are some factors you should be wary of before getting a bow front aquarium.

First of all;

They are a little costlier compared to other fish tanks.

You might have a problem with a distorted view.

Since this varies from person to person, this factor can work as both a pro and a con for the tank.

You will find it challenging to take pictures of the curved tank.

However, if you have a high-quality camera or proper photography equipment, this will not be much of an issue.

Should I buy the bow front aquarium kit?

Bow front aquariums are often available in kits and bundle packages in the market.

The kits comprise of all the essentials of fish keeping including filters, heaters, lighting fixture, water treatments, and food samples.

Such kits prove to be quite a convenient option, especially for beginners.

If this is your first time with fish keeping, getting a kit would be a better option.

This will limit the mistakes you make and will also keep your fish safe.

On the other hand; experienced aquarists might already have the equipment and just want a new tank.

If you buy only the tank, you can get accessories and set up your tank as you like.

For experts, this will be fun.

The beginners, however, might end up being confused by the whole process.

What would be the suitable size for a first bow front aquarium?

This depends on the number of fish you have.

Keep in mind;

The fish need adequate space to roam around. The tank should not be crowded.

At least a gallon of water should be present in the tank for a single fish.

Therefore, if you intend to add more fish to your collection soon, a small sized tank will not do much good for you.

On the other hand; if you think you will just be keeping a couple of fish for a long time, a small bow front tank will be the right place for you.

If you intend to set up an impressive display of fish and have a large area for that, opt for large capacity of tanks.

Another option is to buy multiple tanks of small sizes.

This route will, however, require more effort on your part.

In my experience; large bow front tanks work great as they look spectacular, and require less upkeep and equipment.

What is the expected price of a bow front aquarium?

Even if the capacity of the bow front tank is the same as a flat one, the former will be pricier.

Therefore, if you are contemplating purchasing a bow front tank, you need to decide the budget accordingly.


If you had a tank before, you could use the same heaters and filters on bow front tanks as well.

This would save some money.

What kind of stand is suitable for bow front aquariums?

This is tricky; bow front tanks require a specific stand.

The stand needs to support the weight of the tank.

It needs to accommodate the front arch of the aquarium.

It is advisable to try out a stand before buying it.

You should also endeavor to get a tank with a reliable warranty.

This will save you from problems if the stand does not fit your tank or support it properly.

Can furniture, like a table or TV stand be used to hold the bow front aquarium?

No. this will not be a recommended approach.

Here is why; the large bow front tanks are quite heavy, even more so when they are filled with water.

The burden might prove to be a tad bit too much for your furniture.

Is there anything I should know about moving the fish into a bow front aquarium?

It is always tricky moving your fish into a new tank.

The type of tank you select is not relevant in this regard.

The thing is;

You are relocating the fish to a new environment that it is not familiar with.

Thus, it will take some time getting used to its new habitat.

How easily the fish adjusts to this new surrounding depends on the space of the new tank and the environment you have set up.

What settings should I keep for the tank?

This depends on the type of fish you have.

You see; different species of fish have different requirements with regards to ph. of the water, the temperature they are exposed to and hardness of the water.


Colored lighting work great in aquariums.

They give vibrancy to the tank and make the whole view spectacular.

The temperature range of the light should be somewhere between 5000 and 7000 Degrees Kelvin.


The temperature should be suitable for the fish you keep.

For a tropical tank, the temperature range of 73 to 82F proves to be suitable.

pH Balance

Determine whether your fish needs an acidic or alkaline water to thrive and adjust the pH accordingly.

How many fish should I buy?

For beginners, it would be a good idea to start small.

Get a couple of small fishes that are easy to take care of.

Once you have the experience and confidence, you can get more complicated fish.

You can then replace your tank with a larger one once you think you can handle more fish.

Does the tank size affect the growth of the fish?


A large fish might experience stunted growth if you place it in a small tank.

However, its growth will not be much different if it is placed in a large tank.

Where should I place the aquarium?

The tank should not have direct exposure to sunlight.

Sunlight leads to the growth of bacteria which can be harmful to the fish.

The area should be such that will not be damaged in case of spills or water leaks.

The tank should be placed such that you can access the inside of it with ease.

Other Related Questions

What types of ground filtration can be used for the fish?

The fish need a clean environment to thrive.

If you have an aquarium, it is your responsibility to keep it clean at all times.

There are three main types of ground filtration, mechanical, biological and chemical.

Biological filtration works to get rid of waste material from the tank using beneficial bacteria.

Mechanical filtration gets rid of the debris and impurity from the tank.

Chemical filtration leads to removal of any toxins from the water that can harm the fish.

As it turns out, a combination of all these three types of filtration work best for the bow front aquariums.

What is underground filtration?

In this type of filtration, a flat plate is placed at the bottom of the tank with some space left below it.

Filter media is then placed in this space.

Usually, gravel is used for the purpose.

The water passes to the gravel and then comes back up via tubes.

What fish can live together in a 10-gallon tank?

Since 10-gallons is not much space, it is essential to select the right fish for the tank.

Celestial Pearl Danios are an excellent option since they only grow to about an inch in size and are easy to take care of.

You can also keep Golden Dwarf Barbs since they are also small sized.

Neon Tetras, Pygmy Corydoras and Guppies, are some other species that you can keep in a 10-gallon tank.

What tropical fish go well together?

Remember; it is vital that if you have a variety of species in your tank, they get along well.

If this is not the case, the fish might end up harming one another.

You will find it challenging to handle the tank then.

Tropical fish that can live together peacefully include Catfish, Cory, Danios, Gouramis, Guppies, Loaches, Swordtails and tetras among others.

Which fish are best for a home aquarium?

If you are a beginner, you would want to keep fish that are easy to take care of.

Platyfish, Zebrafish, Guppies, and Cory are some of the species you can have in your home aquarium.

They don’t have many requirements and thus can be taken care of with ease.

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