Digital Marketing Terms Every Business Needs to Know


If you are a newbie in the digital marketing world, there are a few basic digital marketing terms you need to familiarize yourself with. Digital marketing is simply an umbrella phrase used to define any kind of internet marketing including pay per click, pay per action, PPC, and social media marketing. There are also several subtopics under digital marketing such as content marketing and digital advertising. These subtopics cover everything from writing search engine friendly articles to posting links in your profile on social networking websites. To better break things down, we are going to break digital marketing terms down into several main categories including content marketing, pay per click, pay per action, and pay per action marketing. We will then break these down even further into specific subcategories as follows:

Content marketing and SEO are both ways of leveraging the power of the internet to promote products and services. They do this by optimizing your website, blog, or online content so that it ranks highly for keywords related to your target audience. In order to optimize your website or content, you will want to use SEO techniques such as using long tail keywords and building back links within your niche. In addition to SEO, content marketing will include articles, press releases, video tutorials, blogs, social networking, and viral marketing campaigns. These marketing strategies will all work together to promote your product or service in a variety of ways.

Pay per click is a way of choosing keywords related to your product or service that are likely to draw traffic to your site. The way in which this marketing strategy works is that you bid on popular keywords within your industry. If someone searches for those keywords, your ad will appear on the right hand side of the search results. The higher you bid, the more likely someone will click on your ad.

In order to maximize your PPC campaign, you will need to have a good keyword research tool. Keyword tools will allow you to find profitable keywords, as well as ones that are less competitive. You can choose to bid on specific keywords or use a generic bid, which is generally less expensive. Having a high-quality keyword tool will help businesses with their digital marketing terms because it will allow them to see which ads are bringing the most traffic. Having this information will allow businesses to make a more informed decision about which ads to run.

Another important digital marketing term for businesses to learn is the target audience. This means knowing what kind of people you want to advertise to or how many people you would like to target. Generally, marketers target teens, professionals, men, women, aged 18 and up, and other specific demographics. Knowing the target audience allows you to focus your marketing dollars on the right groups to reach. Not targeting the right groups could result in a lot of wasted marketing dollars since these aren’t your demographic in the first place. In fact, if your business is not reaching its goals, it may be time to revise your digital marketing terms.

The third term that is extremely important for digital marketing terms is your business’s online presence. If your website isn’t visible in search engines, your website is worthless. Many websites owners use pay-per-click campaigns and search engine marketing to boost their websites’ rankings in search engines. Some businesses do both. However, some of these campaigns are more effective than others. Using both search engine marketing and email marketing will improve a business’s chance at making more money online.

Digital marketing terms such as video marketing, video promotion, social media marketing and online advertising channels are becoming more popular among businesses. These marketing channels are all used to promote your business and increase web traffic. Some search results pages are showing video ads, for example, so your business could benefit from having your videos advertised on search results pages. Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, also allow users to share content with friends.

Finally, a digital marketing term that can really help you out is referred to as the brand strategy map. This is a tool that helps you map out your brand strategy and ensure that you are constantly optimizing your campaigns for the right target audience and using the right methods. Each page within your site should have a different purpose, which in turn will require a different approach to your campaigns. The key is to ensure that whatever strategy you choose is the right one for your business. A brand strategy map should be consulted once or twice a year to ensure that you are always using the most effective strategy for your business.

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